Our Philosophy

Our Mission


Brandt & Co. is dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and organizations meet their needs. We are a unified team that provides financial protection to members of the community to protect their family during hard times.

Publicly We


Defend the rights of workers by making sure they are aware of and taking advantage of the benefits that are guarantied them by their union or association. As a company we advocate for a fair economy through supporting local charities and philanthropies. 

Privately We


Brandt and Co services thousands of families a year at their convince. We Offer affordable, permanent, and portable security during hard times. Everyone is going to have bad days. We make it our mission to stand with you at those hard times.

Meet the Team

Stephen Jubrey



Owner/ State General Manager

Stephen Jubrey joined AIL in 2007, after graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He initially made a name for himself in upstate New York where he established the Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo offices. His success in New York led him to the opening of his own agency in Dallas, Texas in 2013 and his Fort Worth agency in 2015. He now oversees and directs both of his successful offices and happily attends sporting events for his favorite team, The Dallas Cowboys in his free time.

 ​​Email Steve at: SJubrey@aildfw.com 

Kaitlyn Brandt



CEO / Regional Director

Kaitlyn Brandt was born and raised in Southern Maryland. After receiving her Bachelor's Degree, she moved to upstate New York, where she joined the NILICO team. While there, she quickly became a top MGA while successfully running her own agency.​When the opportunity arose for a promotion in Texas, she didn't hesitate to uproot her northern life to experience the southern charm of Texas. She now successfully runs her own agency, Brandt & Co. in the historical Fort Worth, TX.

 ​Email Kaitlyn at: KBrandt@aildfw.com 

Marissa Ellis



Agency Trainer

Marissa Ellis started with the company in 2016. After completing her associates with Texas A&M she moved back home to be closer to her family. Her years in customer service and acute attention to detail have made her a valuable part of our every day opperations. 

Marissa now works alongside Kaitlyn Brandt to expand the company and help people grow into their careers. As the agency trainer she works closely with all new individuals coming into our field and has a passion for helping others. Due to that, this family oriented team has made itself a valued part of her life.

Email Marissa at: Mellis@aildfw.com

Patrick Mckeown


General Agent

 Patrick McKeown started with the company in 2018. After moving from Chicago to DFW with his wife, he found a home with American Income Life. His years in the restaurant industry made him a valued member of our team. Patrick is one of our many hardworking individuals that works alongside Kaitlyn Brandt to develop future leaders and protect families. Having this passion for helping others has pushed Patrick to strive of having the goal to one day run his own office. 

Email Pat at: Pmckeown@aildfw.com

Randa Mccarty


General Agent

 Randa McCarty started with the company in 2017. Having put herself through college and completing her paralegal degree she was searching for the perfect career that allowed her to help the people she came in contact with. Randa moved to the DFW area from a small east texas town deciding it was the perfect opportunity to find a company she could call home. Having fallen in love with the companies culture and mission of helping people she has spent the last few years learning everything she can with the goal of eventually running her own office. 

Email Randa at: Randa@aildfw.com

Lakaisha Loyd


Supervising Agent

 LaKaisha Loyd hails from the great state of Michigan. She has had a part in customer service in some fashion, since the age of 16 and moved to Texas in August of 2003 in hope of building a better life.  Before coming to work for AIL,  she worked in healthcare for 15 years as a phlebotomist. Durring her tenure mark with Quest Diagnostics she decided that she wanted more out of her career. That is exactly what she found with AIL through its family oriented team. She became part of Brandt & Co in August of 2018 and is currently holding the position of a Supervising Agent. She looks forward to continually growing and learning with the company. 

Email LaKaisha at: Lloyd@aildfw.com

Nicholas vollmer


Supervising Agent

 Nick was born and raised in the upper Midwest. After graduating from Iowa State University, he moved to Texas. He quickly moved into management with Home Depot and enjoyed helping his staff achieve their professional goals. After a rewarding career in retail, Nick came to Brandt & Co in early 2019. Nick has since joined the management team here and is working toward his goal of running his own office.  It didn’t take long for him to be promoted into management; as it’s a job he is passionate about. He enjoys helping not only clients protect themselves and their families, but helping his team also to do the same and achieve their dreams as well.  

Email Nick at: Nvollmer@aildfw.com